I’m on tour in the land of tiny countries celebrating the release of my new single ‘TAKE YOU BACK’ You can download it for free! Right here, right now!

MAY 14- MUSICOPHAGES, Toulouse (G!RLZ Showcase, 19:00, 6 Rue de la bourse) http://www.musicophages.org/ai1ec_event/showcase-de-xania-keane/?instance_id=727

MAY 16- LE FIACRE (+ Met.H.Ode), Bordeaux (21:30, 42 rue de Cheverus) https://www.facebook.com/events/1620661111510212/

MAY 21- BATEAU IVRE, Mons (22:30, Rue de Nimy 1) https://www.facebook.com/events/1591663301072353/

MAY 23- DE AUDIO PLANT, Antwerp (Emiel Lemineurstraat 33) https://www.facebook.com/events/666641943438000/

MAY 26- SECRET SHOW WITH SPECIAL GUESTS- I can’t tell you where it is, but its in Berlin

MAY 29- FREUDENREICH, Berlin w/ SPT (Sonnenallee 67)  https://facebook.com/events/487521351401610/487521464734932/

MAY 30- GELEGENHEITEN, Berlin CYBORG festival (Weserstraße 50) https://www.facebook.com/events/1635470996690062/


New Album and New Video!!

Day 20- Bobby and I record a new album in a big house with little to no human contact.  My hermit beard is thriving!

We have 10 new songs recorded!

Now it’s revision, editing, retake and guest-musician time.

We spend mornings in onesies, nights watching movies and days recording.  Our work ethic is really good.  It helps that there’s no internet here.  I didn’t know how good it was to spend time with oneself!  I’m actually getting to know me!  Pushing through sad moments and enjoying happy ones without constantly distracting myself by looking up something I didn’t need to know (like Johnny Dep’s shoe size).

I’ve been thinking all kinds of happy, sad and strange things lately like:

I like it when geese fly North.

I feel safe here.

I like being human.

I’m the result of billions of years of evolution; why am I so bad at stuff?

Time travel is not real.

I will probably never meet Johnny Dep :(

Why does dust smell like my childhood?

Why do I feel the need to blink underwater?

No one will notice that my shoes don’t match 

Humans share bits of DNA with Oak trees, butterflies, sparrows and sharks!

(We’ve been watching nature programs cause they keep me not-scared at night.)

I’m excited and nervous about sharing these new songs with everyone, they’re quite different from the last record.

Here’s a brand new video of me, live from Europe!!! (On tour with Jonah Haché, AL-D! Created by Bobby)

Thanks everyone.

I’ve got a few European dates coming up in May, I’ll announce them real soon!!!!!!!

(Ps- I’m presently catching WiFi outside a closed café by a highway)

Big News!

Big News! I’ll be recording a NEW ALBUM this April! 
And I’ll be performing in Toulouse, France on May 14th for a wicked Urban Culture festival! I’m looking for more European dates which will announced soon, darlings! 

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The Sun Sets, the Tour is Over

We munch on raw ginger to ward off impending illness. It burns and makes us laugh.

An Italian woman says “Brussels is like fucking Gotham City.” She tells us to watch our wallets, there’s a lot of crime in this city. Our hostess agrees and tells us about all the times she was robbed as we drink café olés.

We sleep in a cold room, but it doesn’t bother me. Things like comfort aren’t important on tour. I’ve been able to see the good in every experience. I’ve developed an unbreakable optimism that I’m very grateful for.

Robert and I leave for my French leg of the tour.  It’s 15 degrees Celsius and we drink up the sun like thirsty travellers. We arrive in Toulouse at 5am and walk to The Persimmon House. It’s still dark out. We’re silently greeted by a friendly letter, telling us to come on in and make ourselves feel at home.

The Persimmon House is a huge home/venue that is much like a time capsule. Wallpaper from the 50s, tiles and fixtures from the 30’s, it looks and smells like my grandparent’s place and makes me feel nostalgic. I perform that night to a full house of happy, beautiful people.

We spend a few days in Toulouse and Cyril shows us around.

We head to Carcassonne, an ancient and beautiful city enveloped in a protective castle. On the walk to the venue my breath is taken away about a million times. I cannot express how beautiful this city is, IT’S SO BEAUTY FULL!!!!!

I play at a trendy-looking hotel called BLOC G. The crowd, food and hotel room are excellent. We eat the most beautiful tapas with Cyril (he came from Toulouse to watch the show!) The show goes well and I chat with people who tell me how small Carcassonne is.

Despite it’s beauty and history, we notice streets full of abandoned buildings just outside the centre. Hmmm…I dream about moving here, buying property and opening a venue…

The next day, we head to Bordeaux to a legendary venue in a medieval cellar called ‘Le Fiacre’. A man named Carlos films the show with 3d cameras. We eat, drink and are merry. The show goes well and we make lots of new friends.

We sleep for two hours and head to the airport at 7am to catch a flight to London.

In London, I feel small.Pigeons inspect me hopefully and cautiously.  Hundreds of people walk around pulling wheeled luggage. The rumbling tones vibrating on the gritty sidewalks create a luggage-wheel-orchestra emanating from every direction.

As the plane takes off, I look down at the European landscape. I see the beauty in it, but I don’t suck it up like I did before. I just look at it, I don’t want to miss it or feel it. I want it to bounce off of me.

In Montreal, things look familiar, but tired. Winter seems to have varnished the city with a layer of greyness, like someone turned the saturation dial way down, or like a poster that’s been left in the sun for too long.

I’m on my way home. The sun sets. The tour is over.

A new e.p. in the works and another European Tour this May, details coming soon…

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Intimate Thoughts- My Tour Diary

Stewardesses babble in Dutch. The seats are bright blue, the airplane smell is familiar and makes my insides squirm a little.

Am I ready to travel 21,000 km to perform 14 shows in 5 countries?

I wanted to tour Europe so badly that it’s actually happening!

But I feel dread, nervous for undertaking a tour, nerves for the performances, nerves for the days off.

This tour is a way to prove to myself that I can do it solo. I don’t want the last time I toured to be the highlight of my life. So I have to make this time better.

On my way to the first show-

The sun reflects on the black highway, making it gold.
Listening to a dead singer. Her voice deteriorated until she couldn’t sing anymore. And the hi-hat filled the space instead, like the ticking of a clock, annoying and soothing.

Expectations and murmurs.

Before I perform, I can hear people talking about Trike. I feel their nostalgia and expectations weighing on me, and I don’t know how to deal with it… I get onstage.

The show goes well! The first show is over and I feel at home already!

We take a bus through Germany, up winding paths that look like they come from a travel pamphlet.

After 2 shows, we’re joined by Jonah in Berlin. He points out that touring is performing a little and preparing a lot. Packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking and trying to remember if you’ve packed everything.

I meet old friends that hug me like mothers and smile like teenagers in love. I’ve forgotten how many familiar faces I know, until I see them again. And how wonderful familiar faces are when you’re on the road.

After a week on tour, experiences are filling me up and I’m unable to process them all. I hope to sop them up and get inspired. (I try to feel some sensation of frustration because happiness isn’t good for inspiration!)

The shows are going better than I could imagine, the crowds, the sound, the light projections…

Life is pretty good and there’s still tomorrow.

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High Times in Europe

Things go wrong on tour.  Every musician knows it, expects it and wants to avoid it.  And I hate to gush, and I hate to brag…. but Saturday night was perfect!

We played at a theatre in Darmstadt, Germany.

The show was sold out, the audience was attentive and so full of love, the sound was excellent, the atmosphere was magical and heart-expanding, the hosts Alex and Torsten were helpful, generous, lovable.  It was a perfect evening, I couldn’t have hoped or dreamed of anything better!

This is how my week went:
Tuesday- Played a secret show in Berlin during the Boddinale Film Festival after a 70 minute documentary about a schizophrenic Portuguese Poet.

Wednesday- Played a small bar run by a Canadian in Neuköln.  Crocheted pictures of horses hung on the walls.  The crowd was full of familiar faces and we danced like silly.

Thursday- Drove from big Berlin to a bar called ‘Klein Berlijn’ in the Netherlands.  We performed to a room full of chatty, drunk Dutch people.  The bartenders were smiling, happy, hyper people.  We stayed with sweet Ineke and Tom and ate Dutch things like stroopwaffels, Gouda and hagelslag.  And we met a Dutch girl who hated lots of things, especially Alexander Marcus.

Friday- Played at Extrapool in Nijmegen.  The place is majorly stylish and beautiful, with bunk-beds made of wooden boxes.

Saturday- (awesomeness at the Gute Stube.)

Sunday- Played a cool squat in Halle called La Bim with cool sound, a cool stage and stayed with two cool eastern-Germans.  We saw some communist statues and developed our stoïcness.

Monday- drove to Berlin.  Returned our rented car, nicknamed ‘Turbo Pigeon’ and started making plans for my Tiny Tour de France.

Hung out with Simon.


Setting up in Berlin


Gute Stube, Darmstadt


Extrapool, Nijmegen


Boddinale Fest, Berlin

Photos by Robert

Berlin- Late Nights for Lost Children

Berlin- a landing pad made of late nights for lost children.  

Experiences aren’t neat and linear like in a story book, but thick and multi-layered, with different narratives all happening simultaneaously to every place you’ve been to and every person you’ve ever known.  And when you rejoin that person or city, you pick up where you left off.

Snow fell quietly over the city, covering grey with white, making dirty steps and cars and traffic lights look romantic.
Berlin can be hard, because it’s so easy.  You can eat and drink and live off a 5 euro bill for days, so you do.  The highs are so high, the lows are so low.  And last time I was here, things got pretty low.
Expecting dark feelings of being a lost child to regenerate, I watched a dark cloud come closer to me like a tide.  I braced myself.  As soon as the darkness washed over me, the cloud continued onward, leaving me feeling fine.  The buildings, the smells, the public displays of drunkeness were the same, but I was different.
I’m happy now.
“When you’re happy and you don’t know it…”
The room had bare white walls, full of chairs pointing forward, like quiet attentive pupils.
A tiny mixer, a tiny room that quickly filled up beyond capacity.
Familiar faces stood out to me like winking stars in a black sky.
Oh how I missed you!
Wonderful, receptive, beautiful friends of Berlin.