• Silent Shout…

    We’re fervent fans of Xania videos here at Silent Shout (remember the brilliant “Dance with the Robot” that was our third favourite visual in 2016?), and she’s done it again. “Y.O.U.”, which stands for your own universe, reimagines the Montreal-based rapper/producer as a faceless silhouette, covered in shifting projected patterns. She’s alone as she dances […]

  • Y.O.U. on the Bucketlist

    Y.O.U. on the Bucketlist

    Brand new music video for “Y.O.U. (Your Own Universe)”, from Montreal musician Xania, tells the story of a celestial creature exploring the UK…[read more: bucketlistmusicreviews ]  

  • The Possible Universe

    The Possible Universe

    Life is anything but fragile.  On our planet, some creatures have evolved to live in sulphuric acid.  Some live in complete darkness with no eyes and skin white as chalk. So when I think of the infinite Universe, I imagine all sorts of possibilities.  Maybe some creatures live on a planet made of pure gold […]

  • Leeds Brudenell Social Club

    Leeds Brudenell Social Club

    I had a wonderful weekend performing in Sheffield and Leeds! Saturday I played at Bank Street Arts surrounded by highly detailed paintings of dwarves. Joey MacPhail opened the night with some envious guitar and vocal skillz. Last night I opened for Thomas Truax at the Brudenell Social Club. He invented his own band-mates out of […]

  • I’ll Take the Low Road: Our Trip to Scotland

    The forecast predicted thunder showers every day. “That car will never make the drive to Scotland,”  (The exhaust is literally held together with an old tin of beans.) But our little car made the 6-hour drive, and every day we spent in Scotland was sunny. In Glasgow, we stayed with my pal Neil, who lives […]