My Heart is on the Floor

Here’s my brand new music video for ‘My Heart is on the Floor’!
Filmed in Mexico, starring real-life cowboy Rodrigo.
Dedicated to all the heartbroken folk who just wanna drown they’re aching souls in tequila.
While watching the video, feel free to cry if you want to. Line-dancing will also be permitted.

Full Album available here:
Starring Rodrigo the cowboy, Rolando, Xania, Lucia, Liam, Glen & Frankie
Filmed in Tapalpa, Mexico

Special thanks to Rene, Mirna and all my Mexican family

Directed and Filmed by-
Robert Donachie & Xania

Edited by-
Robert Donachie

Song Composed & Written by-

Bass performed by-
Liam Keane

Banjo performed by-
Frankie McNamee

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