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    Last night I played Pop Montreal and it was a dream come true! Everything went perfectly! Line-up, audience, sound, projections, beautiful familiar faces dotted the crowd, I’m still high off the night! Thank you Pop Montreal & One Man Band Festival, Jonah, Bobby for the wonderful projections and everybody there!

  • Indiegogo Campaign: ‘All Alone Together’

    I’m raising funds to publish my new album ‘All Alone Together’.   Here’s the link to check out the campaign: http://igg.me/at/iamxania/x/11982264 Over the past few months, with the help of several friends, I’ve written, recorded and edited 10 songs. We layered electronic and acoustic sounds with care to create fun, silly and serious pieces about robots, […]

  • Drop the Ego, Make Some Art

    It’s taken a lot of work and frustration to get my new album to sound how it should.  Sometimes, all it takes is removing an instrument, re-recording a phrase or adding a tiny detail.  But knowing what to alter is the hardest part.  I can get stuck in a cycle of adding more and more […]

  • Sex, Drugs & Hip Hop: Last One

    The soundman snorted lines of white powder off the mixing console. The show was being promoted as the venue’s last live show, because of too many noise complaints and visits from the Polizei. The club owners were like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Jekyll would walk by smiling and say “Have anything you like, I’m […]

  • Sex, Drugs & Hip Hop: Berlin

    Transportation can be very cheap in Germany.  On the weekends, one can take the ‘Schönes Wochenende’ ticket (translates to ‘Beautiful Weekend’) to anywhere in Germany.  The ticket is 44 euros and up to 5 people can ride on one ticket BUT you can only take local transport.  We started in Antwerp and only 7 transfers […]