• Cult Montreal Interview

    Cult Montreal Interview

    Far too many rappers rhyme about unimaginable excess. Few devote lyrics to describing debt and penny pinching. Xania Keane has no qualms about telling such tales of frugality and misfortune in her latest video, aptly titled “I’m Broke,” which is also a single from her latest album, All Alone Together. In the video she mops […]

  • I’m Broke

    I’m Broke

    My new music video ‘I’m Broke’ made the Bucketlist! “Montreal’s tap-dancing rapper, Xania, releases “I’m Broke”, the first video from her brand new album All Alone Together. This video was filmed with $0, hard work and lots of pure joy. It was filmed by Robert Donachie and Sylvain Brosset…” Check out the video: Read the […]

  • “Highly Recommended”

    “Highly Recommended”

    My first review for All Alone Together has arrived! To read the original, Deutsches version (for all you German homies) go here: http://www.tantepop.de/2015/11/xania-all-alone-together.html Below is a translation done by Björn Hochschild: Yes, from time to time we do indulge in Rap music. Sometimes we even consider calling completely electronic noises “music”. In the case of Xania’s […]

  • Day of the Dead

    Happy Day of the Dead

    My father died when I was 13 and my two younger brothers were 11 and 7.  Having a parent die when we were kids left a void in the three of us.  Our childhoods and teens were partly spent trying to fill that bottomless void in however ways we could.  Shitty relationships, television, booze, weed, […]

  • How to Make Album Covers

    How to Make Album Covers

    I sit on a park bench in the sun as red leaves fall around me. I can hear a flock of geese flying South.  I feel the exciting buzz of potential.  We spent this week making cd covers for the new album. In my experience, albums with hand-made covers sell 1000% (that’s a real number) […]