• “Highly Recommended”

    “Highly Recommended”

    My first review for All Alone Together has arrived! To read the original, Deutsches version (for all you German homies) go here: http://www.tantepop.de/2015/11/xania-all-alone-together.html Below is a translation done by Björn Hochschild: Yes, from time to time we do indulge in Rap music. Sometimes we even consider calling completely electronic noises “music”. In the case of Xania’s […]

  • Day of the Dead

    Happy Day of the Dead

    My father died when I was 13 and my two younger brothers were 11 and 7.  Having a parent die when we were kids left a void in the three of us.  Our childhoods and teens were partly spent trying to fill that bottomless void in however ways we could.  Shitty relationships, television, booze, weed, […]

  • How to Make Album Covers

    How to Make Album Covers

    I sit on a park bench in the sun as red leaves fall around me. I can hear a flock of geese flying South.  I feel the exciting buzz of potential.  We spent this week making cd covers for the new album. In my experience, albums with hand-made covers sell 1000% (that’s a real number) […]



    Garbageface + Jonah Haché + Xania Tues. Sept. 29 Casa del Popolo (4871 St. Laurent) 8pm P.W.Y.C. presented by the One Man Band Festival



    Last night I played Pop Montreal and it was a dream come true! Everything went perfectly! Line-up, audience, sound, projections, beautiful familiar faces dotted the crowd, I’m still high off the night! Thank you Pop Montreal & One Man Band Festival, Jonah, Bobby for the wonderful projections and everybody there!