What people are saying about Xania

“Xania creates the unimaginable,” -Jan van Hamme, Unikosmos.

“Many of her artistic decisions exude her offbeat creativity and boundless sense of humour…Montreal bred MC has always been unconventional.” -Kyle Mullin, Cult Montreal.

Xania is an artist with contagious energy. It’s impressive to watch her have fun on stage, making us smile.” – Olivier Dénomme, Camuz Magazine


You get the feeling of participating in her travels, and her most intimate thoughts,” Tantepop.

It’s a forthright, straight-backed, imperfect, take-it-or-leave-it group of songs about living on the road, shitty promoters, broken hearts, starting all over again ass-broke, and finding happiness through it all,”- Leonard Cohen’s Guitar Tech

CJRS radio charts xania number 1

Xania charted across Canada and number 1 on CJRS

xania charts at CXBF radio iamxania