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Far too many rappers rhyme about unimaginable excess. Few devote lyrics to describing debt and penny pinching. Xania Keane has no qualms about telling such tales of frugality and misfortune in her latest video, aptly titled “I’m Broke,” which is also a single from her latest album, All Alone Together. In the video she mops floors, attempts to buy pastries with spare change and defies the dollar bill, slinging clichés of typical rap videos in numerous other ways.

But of course the Montreal bred MC has always been unconventional. She doesn’t breakdance — she tap dances. She doesn’t rely on premixed samples in concert, instead looping those musical snippets herself into Kaleidoscopic synth arrangements that blend and blur like soothing hues.

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Last night I played Pop Montreal and it was a dream come true! Everything went perfectly! Line-up, audience, sound, projections, beautiful familiar faces dotted the crowd, I’m still high off the night!
Thank you Pop Montreal & One Man Band Festival, Jonah, Bobby for the wonderful projections and everybody there!

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Indiegogo Campaign: ‘All Alone Together’

I’m raising funds to publish my new album ‘All Alone Together’.

Here’s the link to check out the campaign:

Over the past few months, with the help of several friends, I’ve written, recorded and edited 10 songs. We layered electronic and acoustic sounds with care to create fun, silly and serious pieces about robots, outer space and being alone and broke.

Now, all that is left to do is mix, master and press the album and I need your help!

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